Booty, Core & Pelvic Floor - April 29th, 2022

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  • It's OK to slow down and to take the time to really connect with your body.
  • It's OK if you do't feel the connections the first time. It takes time to grow the connections from your brain to your muscles, especially if they have been "turned off" for a while. It takes consistency and practice but you will get there.
  • We spend the first 5 minutes talking about breath and different muscles. It may seem like a long time but it is only 5 minutes of probably your entire week that you are actively thinking about your breath. Take that time for you. Allow yourself to relax.
  • Meet yourself where you are. Do not expect perfect form or perfect activation the first time around. Take the time to just reconnect with your body.

- Band

This class strengthens the body from the inside out by connecting the diaphragm, innermost core muscles and pelvic floor to work in sync. Diaphragmatic breathing combines with matwork so you can strengthen your glutes, core & pelvic floor without doing a single squat or crunch.